Create a High-Value Webinar by Collaborating with Guest Experts

Webinars and live events offer a valuable tool for spreading the word about your brand. They tend to be far more effective than many other content marketing tactics.

The deciding factor in your webinar’s success is the value you offer your participants. A great way to offer more value is to include guest experts to make presentations, answer questions, and share their knowledge with your audience.

How Guest Experts Help Make Your Webinar a Hit

Your audience will love all they learn from your webinar and its guest speaker. But here are some of the other benefits of inviting someone to join you:

–      Featuring an expert lends more credibility to your company. Your association with them will engender trust.

–      If you choose an influencer or other well-known person in your niche, you’ll get some of their audience joining. This gives you a chance to grow your audience.

–      With a guest presenting material, it’ll be easier for you to plan your webinar and create its content.

–      Your webinar will include unique content that you couldn’t offer yourself, and even you will learn something from your guest expert.

Bringing in an outside presenter turns your webinar into a win-win for all three parties: you, your presenter, and your audience.

How to Find Guest Experts for Your Webinar

Where do you find experts to join your webinar? A good place to start is social media. One way to find people is to see what other content creators your audience follows. Look also for popular blogs, podcasters, book authors, YouTube channels, and other content creators.

You can also look to your own network. Go through your contacts and identify people who might be good candidates. If you’ve just met a professional with whom you’d like to collaborate in order to kick off your relationship with them, this is a great opportunity for doing so.

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Getting Your Guest Speaker Ready for the Webinar

Once you’ve chosen someone and they’ve agreed to join your webinar, you’ll need to have a few meetings with them to prepare for the event. They need to know four key things before they can start planning:

Your Audience. The presenter should know as much as possible about who will be joining so they can tailor the content just for them.

Your Brand. Give them the rundown on your brand, its core values, and what makes it unique.

The Format of the Webinar. There are a variety of formats that might include a presentation, a Q&A, or some interactive parts.

Guidelines on Promotion. Let them know if you have any guidelines on when and how to promote. Remember that one of the key benefits of having guest experts is the chance to promote in front of a new audience.

Finally, you should review the material they’re going to present beforehand to make sure it’s on track.

Working Guest Expert Webinars into Your Marketing Mix

The first webinar you host with a guest might be shaky, but consider it a learning experience. Once you develop your method and get it down, this is an easy high-value learning opportunity you can offer as part of your marketing mix.

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