Business Growth and Client Acquisition Strategy

Kelbree Consulting has been my Profit Jedis guru for almost six months. In that time, the team has helped me to quadruple my LinkedIn contacts and book calls, many calls. What stands out most to me is their willingness to go above and beyond. I worked closest with Sabrina and she has become an advisor and mindset coach. She is gracious with her time and simply wants me to succeed. If you are looking to grow your business and want someone who will work hard in your corner, talk to Kelbree Consulting.

Scott Stiefvater, CEOGutsy Presenter

Business Growth and Client Acquisition Strategy

Working with the team at Kelbree was one of the best decisions I made for my business. With their help I was been able to improve my reach and to elevate my coaching business to a level that would have taken me years otherwise. Sabrina’s level of professionalism, insight, and understanding makes her a partner I would recommend to anyone.

John Bowman, CEOBHG Coaching

Business Growth and Client Acquisition Strategy

I’ve had the privilege of having Sabrina as my coach and I can attest to her level of skill and professionalism. She was a huge help in me getting my consulting business off the ground and she provided me with essential tools and strategies that have helped me to succeed, despite the current economic landscape. I highly recommend working with Sabrina if you are interested in your professional growth.

Karl Shallowhorn, CEOShallowhorn Consulting

Business Growth and Client Acquisition Strategy

Working with Kelbree Consulting was seamless, streamlined, and, more importantly – successful! They are an organization that prioritizes and cares about excellence in delivering an experience, and we were constantly delighted with all aspects of working together. It’s clear they have oodles (can I say that?) of skills and depth on their bench which complemented our team really well. Their ability to quickly, efficiently and technically put together our most recent event led us to ask… “can we do that again?” (Sabrina quickly said YES!) If you are looking for an organization who really understands how to create meaningful engagement around an event – one that will lead to future opportunities…not just ticket sales, then you can be confident in working with Sabrina and her team..

Victoria Miles, Managing PartnerVision Wheel

Business Growth and Client Acquisition Strategy

Sabrina is one of the finest leaders I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She’s smart, strategic, efficient, and tireless. Her global sales experience combined with leadership roles in a number of diverse organizations gives her a unique ability to work through complicated issues quickly while never losing sight of the long-term impact. Partnering with her and Kelbree Consulting to expand your reach is a no brainer.

Dr. David LivermoreCultural Intelligence Center

Leadership Development & Cultural Intelligence

Kelbree Consulting’s work with TRS has been exemplary. Sabrina is a valued colleague who offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill in DE&I, entrepreneurship, and organizational leadership. It is this combination that has proved so valuable in the work she has conducted in our collaboration to advance DE&I at TRS. She has delivered a training series for our sr. leader/exec team and is working on a similar series for our middle management group. This work is crucial to our DE&I strategic objectives. Her professionalism, gravitas, and affability only add to her already incredible profile. I look forward to our continued work together.

Kellie Sauls, Director of DEITeacher Retirement System of Texas

Business Growth and Branding Strategy

Kelbree Consulting is a great resource for anyone looking to build their brand. Personally, they are great at building a valued relationship with clients and in understanding exactly what the client is looking for (even when the client – that would be me – isn’t exactly sure herself). Kelbree Consulting has a great team to implement whatever strategy is determined as the right course of action. It’s so great to outline a strategy and then let them execute almost completely worry-free. I highly recommend Kelbree Consulting as a business and marketing consultant, without hesitation!

Dr. Mary Barnes, CEOEvolve Your Performance

Business Growth and Client Acquisition Strategy

Sabrina is fearless! She took on fledging teams and provided leadership, guidance and mentorship which helped establish a presence in new markets and categories. Sabrina created sales initiatives and trainings that not only resulted in increased revenue growth locally but was adopted globally. Her wealth of experience made her an asset to our organization.

Keli Frazier-Cox, Global DirectorEuromonitor International

Leadership Development & Cultural Intelligence

Ms. Kinckle is a consummate professional whose extensive experience in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) space is both broad and deep. A skilled trainer, Ms. Kinckle led our agency’s Executive Council through a series of modules on unconscious bias and cultural awareness with excellent results. She handles tough questions with alacrity, and remains poised, positive, and professional as she delivers thorough training on sensitive topics. Ms. Kinckle is currently developing a similar series for our management team and will begin delivering that soon. I am happy to recommend Kelbree Consulting.

Andrew Roth, Chief Operations and Administration OfficerTeacher Retirement System of Texas