The CORE Conscious Leadership & Business Circle

A mastermind like no other – designed for high-performers that are ready to unlock their next level.


A 12-month exclusive, invite-only mastermind alongside fellow conscious entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders alike

Designed to transform yourself, your work, and your life


A lot of our mastermind members joined us when they were at the top of their game – leading their business to the top of their industry, celebrating new financial success, and ready to power their way through the next big target…

Until they realized that they didn’t feel the same level of excitement when they looked at where they’d take their business or investment portfolio next.

Our members experienced the first stage of “The Hero’s Journey,” which we’ll be studying in this year’s CORE Leadership Circle.

They received what Joseph Campbell described as “The Call to Adventure”.

“The Call” showed up when they realized that with all of their financial and professional success, they still didn’t feel fulfilled – something was missing.


When they looked at their other areas of life, they wondered why these other aspects didn’t measure up to their financial and professional success…


“The Call” is only answered when you decide to cross the threshold, and discover what could be possible for yourself on the other side.


Are you feeling called to a new adventure?
To master both your inner and outer game?


Find out if you’re ready to take your business and life to new heights.


Apply to join the upcoming cohort of CEOs and leaders achieving new heights.

Program Details

CEOs and leaders often feel isolated and unsupported in their work. They don’t have time to waste trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

You need a community of people who understand the challenges you’re facing and can help you get where you want to be.

What is CORE?

    • The Core Leadership Circle is an invitation-only program designed specifically for CEO’s and leaders
    • Our success comes from our deep understanding of the power of a diverse group of individuals to leverage their direct experience
    • We offer a powerful format for personal and professional transformation in a deeply supportive environment
    • Our participants achieve great things because we give them the tools, resources, and support they need through a structured environment, alongside other high-achievers
Group Structure

Over 12 months, we’ll all go through our own hero’s journey. Together.

Transform your life and career with The CORE Leadership Circle.

    • Develop deep and powerful relationships.
    • Experience the power of group genius.
    • Learn how to solve problems in new ways.
    • Develop important inner resources for navigating life’s challenges.
    • Gain powerful strategies and tools for generating results that matter.
    • Increase your ability to surface and resolve complex issues.
    • Generate increased revenue/income.
    • Learn to identify and shift your limitations in perception and thinking.
A Look Into the CORE Transformation:

What Results Members Have Experienced

We’ve seen our members absolutely transform their personal and professional lives through this structured, engaged group of conscious leaders, and we want to see the same growth for you.

Since joining CORE, I have become a better person, father, husband, and friend. I have more than doubled my income, and i have achieved one of my goals of investing and owning commercial properties.

Antonio Hachem Principal at George Smith Partners

My business partner and I are just wrapping up our third year in CORE. We were shocked when we hit our one-year goal in less than 6 month, and have achieved more in these years than we thought possible!

Carson Faris CEO Phoenix investment Funds
In my time with CORE I have achieved my highest sales volumes ever, grown into new business line that compliment my main expertise and seen new levels of deep communication and contentedness with my wife and children. Wouldn't be where i am today without this group. Justin EsayianLand Broker

Joining CORE has been not only one of the best business decisions of my life, but personal decisions of my life, My leadership is becoming more expansive, my mindset is clearer, and my business is also growing in ways that are creating more impact, revenue, and space for me to do my best work, be a great mom, and enjoy my life.

Anese CavanaughNYT best selling author of Contagious Culture

The Collaboration and actual "masterminding" sessions and breakouts proved highly valuable. I went from struggling with one business to succeeding in three simultaneous businesses (quadrupling my income) and less time each week.

Jim CoughlinCreative Director, Club VMSA
Discover how CORE can take you to new heights in your business and life.

Experience the power of groups for personal transformation.

This program was specifically designed for you to transform your life as a whole. This is the only program of its kind where you get access to a powerful, supportive community of CEOs and leaders.


Business is seen as something that must support your whole life and who you are. We focus on the ecosystem of the “Diamond”: the spiritual, psychological, relational, and physical business strategy and tactics.


CORE is a deep dive into each member’s INNER and OUTER game. We look at anything that is coming up in your business and / or other elements of your life. As a result, problem solving occurs at a transformational level, as opposed to superficial solutions.


We provide research-backed frameworks for having these kinds of conversations, which focus on different dimensions of a challenge, problem, or the creation and exploration of an idea. Additionally, there is new learning presented (for all the different dimensions) at each session designed to elevate the effectiveness, growth, and well-being of each member individually, as well as the capability of the community to be of real value to each other.


Through a safe & collaborative environment, you can leverage your direct experience to help others learn and achieve their ambitions, as they do the same with you. Once you open the door, the adventure begins and you’ll never return home the same. The doors are open for a little while longer, and you can still apply before they shut.

Advisory Board

Our powerful Advisory Board incorporate their unique expertise into the process and help direct the content of the program. Most have led sessions for the group as well and have been available as coaches or advisers to our members.

Steve Lishansky
Founder & Principal, Optimize International

Judi Spear
Founder & Principal, RV Rhodes

Jim Coughlin

Chief Yoga Officer

Bruce Lipton, PhD
Internationally Renowned Author & Cellular Biologist

Shelle Rose Charvet
President, Success Strategies

Jim Coughlin Chief Yoga Officer

Bruce Lipton, PhD
Internationally Renowned Author & Cellular Biologist

Shelle Rose Charvet
President, Success Strategies

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John Baskerville

Founder & Principal,


Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 12.39.50 PM

Ike Ikokwu
Founder & Principal, 

Coachanaire Institute