From Prospect to Paying Client—The Ultimate Guide for Better Conversion Rates

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Want to Sell Like a Pro? Our Sales Prospecting Strategies Are All You Need to Know.

Are you tired of chasing dead leads? Do you wish for better conversion rates?

Learn how to acquire, retain, and reactivate your client base with a quick, no-nonsense free strategy session. We share a step-by-step formula to onboard interested prospects and nurture those leads into high-paying customers. Each module brings you closer to forming an optimum sales funnel. You can use it to create revenue-generating streams that focus on cultivating deep-rooted, genuine client relationships.

Take a Sneak Peek of Our Online Sales Training Course

We cut the chase and teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

The course offers:

    • The best sales prospecting strategies to Identify high-quality leads for maximum conversions
    • Make free sales strategy sessions your gateway to reaching paid clientele
    • An actionable prospect to paying client roadmap from lead generation and onboarding to rewarding conversions
    • Effective client-centric techniques to make your target audience feel valued
    • 24/7 access to educational material (including course book, videos, cheat sheet, and customizable template)

It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s more in store for learners that fully commit to our 12-step program.

Ready to become a whiz at sales prospecting?

A Look Into the CORE Transformation:

An Online Sales Training Masterclass to Grow Your Business the Right Way

Everyone wants high-quality leads that are easy to win over with paying clients that stick around for the long run. Yet, only a lucky few know how to turn potential buyers into brand loyalists. Learn how to turn a “Prospect to Paying Client” into real-world solutions.

Student Resources Include: video tutorials, cheat sheets, PDF presentations and worksheets.

Here’s a closer look at our course outline:

Rethink sales prospecting strategies by learning to serve, not sell.

What You’ll Learn?

    • A reflective overview of your current sales model
    • How to upgrade your marketing techniques to appeal to client sensibilities?
    • A customizable conversion rate formula to track your success
Module 1:Start with the Business Essentials

How well do you know your client? We put your knowledge to the test by asking you to create buyer personas that match your target audience. Know who they are to streamline your sales strategies.

What You’ll Learn?

    • Find the difference between client wants and needs
    • Create a realistic buyer persona to serve them better
    • Set SMART financial goals
Module 2: Start with a Clear Picture

Hard-selling can turn away potential clients. That doesn’t mean you should stop selling your services/products.  Find the right balance by learning to showcase your USPs with genuine enthusiasm and value-adding benefits for clients.

What You’ll Learn?

    • Identify negative thinking and barriers that hold you back
    • How to create a value inventory for your business?
    • Sales prospecting strategies based on client feedback
Module 3: Build Confidence for Better Conversion Rates

Learn why strategy sessions work and what you need to achieve better conversion rates.

What You’ll Learn?

    • How to become an expert in your niche field?
    • Market analysis with real-world examples of practical strategy sessions
    • Why do strategy sessions work?
Module 4: Strategy Sessions: Your Winning Formula

A free strategy session can be a hit or a miss. Ensure prospects reach out for your expertise with an irresistible offer.

What You’ll Learn?

    • Tried and tested techniques for planning successful strategy sessions
    • Set realistic goals and make promises you’ll keep with the right sales prospecting strategies in sight
Module 5: Make Your Session Enticing

Learn how to get people to sign up (and eventually pay for your expertise).

What You’ll Learn?

    • Prescreening techniques to avoid time-wasting leads
    • How to set up automated sign-up systems?
    • The best tips to create session pages and payment channels
Module 6: Set Up Your Sign-Up Systems

A handy guide on designing strategy sessions and plans.

What You’ll Learn?

    • Create client-oriented offers to get a positive response
    • How to customize strategy session pages for better traction?
    • Values vs. benefits: what goes first in your offer?
Module 7: Clarify Your Offer and Design Your Package

Want to leave a lasting impression on interested leads? Our online sales training course shows you how to convert leads with one call.

What You’ll Learn?

    • Dos and don’ts of starting a strategy session
    • Sales prospecting strategy and a 7-step script
Module 8: Run a Strategy Session that Converts

Learn to listen attentively to your clients and clear their doubts.

What You’ll Learn?

    • The best practices to win over reluctant clients
    • How to tackle buyer's remorse?
Module 9: Confidently Address Common Concerns

This lesson is a  masterclass on onboarding clients before presenting your final offer.

What You’ll Learn? 

    • A short guide on onboarding
    • A step-by-step plan to onboard new leads
Module 10: After the Sale: Set Up for Success from Day 1

A practical and actionable plan to elevate client experiences during startegy calls. Learn to grow your business by retaining and reactivating your current customer base.

What You’ll Learn? 

    • Business growth strategies
    • Benefits of outsourcing sales team to meet evolving demands
Module 11: Keeping the Momentum Going

Keep things engaging by switching gears when your sales funnel slows down. Our online sales training course teaches you the art of reinventing with this parting lesson.

What You’ll Learn? 

    • Understanding the importance of restrategizing
    • Tips to boost conversion rates
Module 12: Review and Refine

Do you want to be booked, busy, and successful?

Make the most of your sales calls by learning what makes clients click.

Meet Your Mentors

Our powerful Advisory Board incorporate their unique expertise into the process and help direct the content of the program. Most have led sessions for the group as well and have been available as coaches or advisers to our members.

Steve Lishansky
Founder & Principal, Optimize International

Judi Spear
Founder & Principal, RV Rhodes

Jim Coughlin

Chief Yoga Officer

Bruce Lipton, PhD
Internationally Renowned Author & Cellular Biologist

Shelle Rose Charvet
President, Success Strategies

Jim Coughlin Chief Yoga Officer

Bruce Lipton, PhD
Internationally Renowned Author & Cellular Biologist

Shelle Rose Charvet
President, Success Strategies

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 12.40.41 PM

John Baskerville

Founder & Principal,


Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 12.39.50 PM

Ike Ikokwu
Founder & Principal, 

Coachanaire Institute 

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why Should You Enroll in This Online Sales Training Course?

Tech-savvy audiences have the world at their fingertips. They know what they want and have a strong dislike for sales pitches. That makes your job to sell a product more challenging. We simplify the process with an easy-to-follow guide on turning a prospect into a paying client with our easy-to-follow guide.


Use our secret formula to make free strategy sessions engaging and exciting for interested leads. Once you get the hang of our sales prospecting strategies, your conversion rate will improve.


The best part is that these techniques are simple, effective, and applicable to every business model. That’s why this course beats hard-to-follow programs that do nothing but waste your time.

Q.2 How Long Will the Course Take?

Our online sales training course supports independent learning. You can complete the program in 12 weeks or sooner. It all depends on how much time you spend studying the course material. We recommend spending 2-3 hours per week on each module to excel in the final exam.


If you’re ever in doubt, you can join our Facebook company to ask instructors and other learners for study tips.

Q.3 How Much Does It Cost?

Our course costs only [Insert Amount]. It’s worth every penny you spend as enrollment gives you lifetime access to educational resources, video tutorials, and 1:1 guidance. As a bonus, we have an online Facebook community that cheers you on as you move from step to step.


This group of advisors and peers can help you expand your business network exponentially. 

Q.4 Can I Talk to the Course Instructor?

Instructors are available for guidance via phone and online channels. You shall receive the contact details of designated course coordinators with your welcome email. We conduct weekly live Q & As to help learners receive one-on-one advice on overcoming learning challenges.


Aside from this, you can join our private Facebook group for more insights. We also have a dedicated IT support team available on-demand. Use their expertise to address system errors, password verification problems, and other technical issues.

Q.5 What If I Don’t Like the Course?

We respect your opinions but advise you to complete at least 3-4 modules before deciding. Learners can request a full refund through email within 30 days of registration. Please include a genuine reason for cancellation to determine the validity of your request.


You can expect a response within 1-2 business days.

Need further help?

Don’t just dream about acquiring more clients. Get them. Use our online sales training to nurture leads, develop a sustainable sales funnel, and generate desirable outcomes. Better conversion rates are only a click away.